Hey all, a pretty tech heavy issue this week, so those of you coming for gaming or history news look away… No don’t it’s still fun, I promise!

I’ve been ploughing through a heap of blog posts and videos the past week, and you’re interested in a peak behind the curtains of how I produce my content, I have finally finished a post digging into my hardware and software setup.

If you want to hear the podcast version of this newsletter, then find my dulcet tones below.

xx Chinch

You’re not as smart as you might think you are by…

I’ve been running podcasts for years, and while I worked on some video courses in the past, over the past year I have invested more time in my audio and video setup, primarily for live-streaming. After months and months of getting It to a point where I am “kind of” happy with it, I thought it was high time I documented it. Partly so others can learn from my setup, and partly so I can keep tabs on it myself.


I spend a lot of time on making videos, and some of the product links here are affiliate links to…

I recently decided I wanted to start cutting third-party cloud services out of my life. I purchased a shiny Raspberry Pi 400 (which reminded me of the Amiga computers of my youth) and decided to try Nextcloud on it as a personal cloud. It was a far quicker process than I expected thanks to the awesome NextCloudPi project. Within twenty minutes, I had a running Nextcloud instance. …

I am back! Did you miss me? 😬

The podcast is back too, kind of relaunched with something of an eye to how it used to be, take a listen.

I hope everyone had a good summer, I spent it making the most of it as possible, but it’s time to restart a few projects that I put on pause for a little while including this newsletter and my podcast. I’ve changed a few things, and there’s more in progress, but in the meantime, settle in and let’s get started.

Cool Tech!

A loose collection of content this week, there’s a few…

Oh my oh my! Issue 100. I’ve been pumping out this nonsense to your for 100 issues 🥳.

Enjoy! xx Chris

Cool Tech!

A face from the past resurfaces, but not doing much, and a couple of videos of me getting acquainted with some cool tech projects.

Myspace Tom got it rightwww.theverge.com
Two days after the DC insurrection, as the country was still processing the aftermath, MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson posted his second tweet of the past three years.

Hello everyone, sorry for the slight break in newsletters, I have been crazy busy with all sorts of things, and the newsletter kept slipping down my to do list, sorry! Second apology is that I don’t have that much content for you this issue for many of the same reasons 😅.

Enough excuses, here we go!

xx Chinch

Cool Tech!

Some new content from me (and yes, check out my cool new video thumbnails!) and a few pieces from Wired about the growth in fake cheese, and countries going wild of crypto, when maybe they don’t really need to…

10 great…

Less links this week due to Easter holidays and then the manic catchup post holidays, but it’s all about quality not quantity isn’t it! isn’t it?

xx Chinch

Cool Tech!

An interview with the co-founder of Raycast who I previously featured in a hands on stream highlighted to me that there’s a growing body of people interested in making native applications again. Also a new/old operating system from Bell labs that underpins many we use now, Google and Oracle finally reach a sort of conclusion, and NFTs, hohum.

Q&A with Petr Nikolaev, Raycastconsole.dev
Co-founder, Raycast — a quicklauncher that…

Hey all, I was on holiday last week, so took a little break. Back this time with lots of juicy content from the various things that interest me.

Please, if you like the newsletter, wherever you read it, leave a comment, share, tell your friends!

xx Chinch

Cool Tech!

So much goodness this week! Including a classic piece from Nielsen about the Mac interface that channels some ideas on the future of interfaces that we’re only just starting to see realised.

The Weekly Squeak — Kubernetes native GitOps with Cornelia Davis of Fluxwww.youtube.com

GitOps takes familiar tools such as Git and Continuous Delivery pipelines to automate infrastructure. The GitOps approach is vendor-neutral, provides a clear history of changes, and allows you to reproduce or roll back deployments. Yet, we can’t ignore the problems with this approach: Proliferation of repositories, no help for secrets management, or simultaneous file writes. Let’s explore.

An introduction to GitOps

GitOps takes the familiar and proven DevOps practices such as version control and CI/CD and applies them to automating infrastructure. …

Greetings all, the second in my new look newsletter, and folks seem to be receiving it well. If you enjoy what you read here, please share with your friends and colleagues, I’d appreciate it. 😁

A lot of long reads this week, including some really meaty posts from the team behind migrating Linux to run on M1 Macs, deep reporting into responsible AI at Facebook, and much more.

Let’s get stuck in, Chinch xx

Cool Tech!

This week I have been experimenting with a Next Cloud setup, paper from WeTransfer, and OBS.Ninja. Also (but not for the faint hearted) is an amazing…

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