Chinchilla Squeaks — Fermyon, GTA, Tauri, and Veganism

Chris Chinchilla
3 min readAug 18, 2022

Hey all, greetings from a very hot and stuffy Berlin. Another interview with you this time plus a random grab bag of links to peruse. Stay cool, happy holidays, and see you next week!

👋 xx Chinch

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Cool Tech!

Build tiny multi-platform apps with Tauri and web

Which Generator builds Markdown the fastest? —
Blogging. The quintessential starter project for most — if not all — site generators. Here’s a few samples:

The Default Tech Settings You Should Turn Off Right
These controls, which are buried inside products from Apple, Google, Meta and others, make us share more data than we need to. There’s a catchy saying going around with a valuable lesson about our personal technology: The devil is in the defaults.

The Richer They Get, the More Meat They Eat

Ignore the hype that the world is about to turn vegan.

Meet the Obsessive Role-Players Who Live Inside the World of Grand Theft
Renegade developers co-opted this controversial video game’s source code to build a complex alternate…

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