The Weekly Squeak — 5GTechritory, Y2K, BitTorrent, and Monopoly

Chris Chinchilla
4 min readJan 8, 2020


In this issue I interview Laszlo Toth, Nikolai Astrup, and Dr. Suncheol Gweon from the recent 5GTechritory about the current state, and future promise of 5G.

Also in this issue, the Y2K panic, incentivising BitTorrent, Monopoly, tech sexism, and so much more.

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Podcast version

Listen to the issue, with interviews from Laszlo Toth, Nikolai Astrup, and Dr. Suncheol Gweon below:

P 1 y2k the bug

The weird, wonderful world of Y2K survival guides: A look

The strange, and book-filled world of 20 years ago, and a bug that nearly bought the world to a stand still. And then didn’t.

Sepia pc

The PC was supposed to die a decade ago. Instead, this
Not all that long ago, tech pundits were convinced that by 2020 the personal computer as we know it would be extinct. You can even mark the date and time of the PC’s death: January 27, 2010, at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time, when Steve Jobs stepped onto a San Francisco stage to unveil the iPad.

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Yay! Tech has got its sexism

We were doing better, and then we got worse again, ho hum 😩

Twenty tech trends for 2020

An interesting mix of obvious, and not so obvious.

For the first time in 15 years, I voted in-person in the UK elections!

What if BitTorrent had a token?

Long before Blockchain there was another incentivised, decentralised, peer-to-peer network. What could it have learned from Bitcoin, Ethereum et al?

Gettyimages 1179701828

Physics explains why you can never open a plane door
It’s the nightmare of travellers sitting near the emergency exit and the inevitable fate of bad guys tussling on a plane with James Bond — the door erupting open mid flight, sucking them into the cold blue and white.

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Monopoly Was Invented to Demonstrate the Evils of

More than 100 years later, how does the iconic board game compare to its original version? Is it any better? Will there be less arguments?


Jack Dorsey wants to decentralize
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed he wants to create an open standard for decentralized social media. And the goal will be to have Twitter conform to that standard.

Voting system parliament

This is what the general election results would have looked like if we used a PR
Boris Johnson would have been denied a majority in parliament if the UK had used the voting system adopted for European parliament polls at the general election, new research shows.


What Happens After Prisoners Learn to Code?
Jesse Aguirre’s workday at Slack starts with a standard engineering meeting — programmers call them “standups” — where he and his co-workers plan the day’s agenda. Around the circle stand graduates from Silicon Valley’s top companies and the nation’s top universities.



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