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From us…

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How Bike-Share Can Prepare Us for Autonomous

Connected technology continues to move ahead in fits and starts. Cate looks at how bike-sharing programs are paving the way for driverless cars.

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Ethics for Designers and Developers at The First Berlin Ethical Tech

Trade your developer hat for your philosopher’s cap as Chris looks at the ethics of weaponized tech design and engineering.

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The Battle of Autonomous Cars and Fog, Snow, and the Car

Society marches on! With autonomous cars growing more sophisticated, Cate look at how the latest tech like LiDar is making waves, and what else might be changing.

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Is Quitting Bad Software as Hard as Becoming Vegan?

Just how far are you willing to go not to use software that you disagree with? Chris takes a look down the rabbit hole.

From others…

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The 25 Best Board-Game Mobile
The current golden age of tabletop gaming has also led to a similar surge in apps that adapt board games to tablets and phones, with new ones arriving almost every week — and some games even premiering in digital form at the same time they show up on store shelves.

China spy paranoia

Paranoia will destroy you: Why Chinese tech isn’t spying on
At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the US President of Huawei’s consumer business, Richard Yu, went off-script in his presentation to lament that the Chinese smartphone giant has been unable to consummate a deal to sell its smartphones at any large US-based cell carrier.

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Put on your best unsurprised face: Unroll is struggling to keep going under the GDPR.

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What everyone gets wrong about introverts — including why they are not antisocial or
When you hear the term “introvert,” you might imagine someone who’s quiet and insular, who likes to spend most of their time alone, avoiding social situations. But being an introvert isn’t really anything to do with how much you like spending time with other people.


How riding Germany’s local transport really helps you get under a city’s

Chris wondered if the stronger cultural divisions in the US are to do with the poor public transport and people’s perceptions of it.

Zte rip

RIP ZTE: Which Chinese smartphone company is next?
ZTE, the fourth-largest smartphone company operating in the US, has declared it will “cease major operating activities,” effectively leaving its partners no choice but to pull their products from their shelves and to seek alternatives.

One of my favourite conference signs ever…



I explain cool tech to the World. I am a Technical Writer and blogger. I have crazy projects in progress and will speak to anyone who listens.

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Chris Chinchilla

I explain cool tech to the World. I am a Technical Writer and blogger. I have crazy projects in progress and will speak to anyone who listens.