The Weekly Squeak — Holy NFTs Mattman!

Less links this week due to Easter holidays and then the manic catchup post holidays, but it’s all about quality not quantity isn’t it! isn’t it?

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Cool Tech!

Q&A with Petr Nikolaev,
Co-founder, Raycast — a quicklauncher that lets you control your tools with a few keystrokes. Raycast makes it easy to control your tools with few keystrokes without context switching.

Plan 9 from Bell Labs in Cyberspace!

Everyone who is anyone in tech is familiar with UNIX, the Bell Labs operating system that revolutionized computing systems by becoming the dominant OS on mainframes, workstations and web servers, and, as the progenitor of Linux, formed the foundation for the internet and cloud infrastructure we know today.

The Supreme Court just ruled in favor of Google in its legal battle with Oracle, ending a 10-year fight over the future of
The US Supreme Court has overturned Oracle’s high-profile copyright win over Google, delivering a landmark ruling for the software industry. The ruling is a sizable win for Google following a lengthy 10-year legal battle.

NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like
The only thing we’d wanted to do was ensure that artists could make some money and have control over their work. Back in May 2014, I was paired up with the artist Kevin McCoy at Seven on Seven, an annual event in New York City designed to spark new ideas by connecting technologists and artists.

Maps and History

The oldest map of the Holy Land is actually a magnificent
Tensions between Muslims and Christians in the 1880s in what is today Jordan led to a compromise. The Christians could relocate to a town named Madaba on the condition they could only build churches on sites where churches had once stood before.


Pandemic’s creator is making a board game about climate
When game developer Matt Leacock released his best-selling board game Pandemic, he didn’t expect that twelve years later people would be using it to help them process an actual pandemic sweeping the world.

And Finally…

Can’t Sleep? Here Are Some Surprising Strategies That Actually
The pandemic has given us a year of lousy sleep and insomnia. Scientists say the usual fixes aren’t helping. Here’s what to do instead.

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